Alcohol: Another negative effect

If you already have atrial fibrillation (AF) or if you’re worried about it, and if you’re aging, you should definitely at least consider the prospect you may end up with AF, then you may – actually, you should – either learn to abstain from alcohol or at the very least, significantly cut down on how much alcohol you drink.


Because according to a recent study in which researchers claim they were able to get some Australian men with AF (there did get a small number of women into this study, although way way fewer women than men) to abstain from alcohol for several months , those study participants who did abstain from alcohol had way less AF recurrence at 6 months than the control group which had been allowed to carry on drinking alcohol as per usual.

The problem was, of course, as nearly all of us would quickly figure out, getting these people (they were Australian alcohol drinkers, after all, a pretty famous – some would say notorious group of imbibers) staying off the alcohol despite the great results obtained by the abstainers.

In fact, the study was shortened from one that should have lasted 12 months to 6 months because the researchers detected a lot of backsliding among the abstainers.

Nonetheless, the results are pretty impressive: If you have AF, cut down your alchol intake. Period.