I’d like to ask the kids what they think

According to a just-released American poll, 86 % of parents claim that teens spend too much time gaming.

And needless to add, that according to the parents, this heavy use of gaming has significant negative consequences for those teens’ well-being.

So that again according to the parents “gaming often gets in the way of other aspects of their teen’s life, such as family activities and interactions, sleep, homework, friendship with non-gaming peers and extracurricular activities”.

And I’m sure they’re right.

But what I’d like to know – because fair is fair, after all – is what the kids think: Does gaming really interfere with friendships, and other activities?

Or if it weren’t for gaming, would something else do that instead?

And most of all, I’d like to know what kids think about their parents’ use of TVs, cell phones and other gadgets?

Do the kids think that their parents’ use of technology also interferes with important aspects of their (the parents) lives?

I’m also sure that is true.