If you think marijuana may help your heart, better think again

A review just published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has some pretty bad news for those people who think marijuana (and its off-products) is something that confers only benefits, not downsides, a belief that. seems to me, way too many marijuana (and CBD) users seem to believe, because, well, because that’s what they want to believe.

But according to this review, when it comes to the effects that marijuana may have on your heart, ” smoking marijuana carries many of the same cardiovascular health hazards as smoking tobacco”.

And the people who should be particularly wary about their use of marijuana, according to these researchers, are those who already have established heart disease such as a previous heart attack or atrial fibrillation or heart failure, which seems to me, to be a group that would be particularly partial to the arguments about the potential stress-lowering effects of marijuana.

On top of that, this review claims that marijuana smoking can raise the blood level of certain drugs commonly used by heart patients, particularly statins, which may be a problem in that this would pretty definitely raise the risk of potential side effects from a statin you’re taking, and the blood-thinner, warfarin, which might be a real problem because warfarin levels need to stay within very strict limits.

Anyway, bottom line is pretty simple: Marijuana (and CBD) use comes with multiple potential problems.

Be very careful about how or when or how often or how much you use.