Speak up for the sake of your heart

According to a study of over 300 women presented at the recent North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Annual Meeting in Chicago, women who don’t speak up about their feelings in order to avoid conflict are at higher risk for stroke and other cardiovascular conditions than are women who let those around them know exactly how they are feeling.

The authors of this study came to this conclusion by first giving the women a test to gauge how well they expressed themselves, and then by measuring the level of plaque in the their arteries (the more plaque, the higher the risk of heart attack, etc).

And women who kept their feelings bottled up had, the authors say, significantly more plaque than women who expressed their feelings more.

Bottom line: Women, speak up to protect your heart.

I must add that luckily, this is one heart risk factor that the women in my life don’t have to worry about.