Coronavirus 4

Monday eve, 2nd week of universal panic, not much new stuff to worry over, though.

Good news is that China, a nation dedicated to obscuring whatever it wants to obscure, seems to have belatedly got the message, at least to a certain extent: This one is impossible to hide, lie about, obfuscate over, so best to tell the world what the world already knows, although as always with information from China, what’s coming out of official sources is way less informative than what’s coming out of non-official sources, such as social media.

And although social media is a rabbit warren of potential misinformation, some of it must be dead on (no pun intended).

So although the number of infected people (and deaths) continues to rise very rapidly based on official Chinese government stats, the actual number of infected people (and deaths) has long been rumoured to be way higher if you pay any attention to social media sources.

But that is exactly would be expected at this stage of an outbreak like this with person-to-person transmission and multiple mild cases (perhaps even many with no symptoms at all), on top of which there is still no real way of knowing if or how well this virus is transmitted during its incubation, symptom-less period, so despite early Chinese government assurances that they were on top of this and there was nothing to worry about, everything else has pointed to – and seems to have done so very accurately – the indisputable fact that this is going to get a lot worse before it starts to get better, and unfortunately no one knows when it will get better.

As for us over here, although we have been relatively lucky so far, one big question is: Should Canada be screening all visitors from China – not just those from Wuhan – more rigidly?

I have absolutely no idea if that would help contain the mess a bit longer (although I think probably not) but then who really knows what best practice is in such a unique situation, so why is the government so adamantly avoiding even discussing this important question with nothing more than those hard-to-believe (based on how little we still know and how fast things seem to be moving) assurances that Canadians have little to fear (which, by the way, I do still believe).

Sure, it’s important for health authorities to downplay panic and feat but it’s equally very important for those authorities to be seen to be honest, because if things go sideways, even for a little while, it’s gonna get much harder for them to control the distrust that will hit everything the authorities they will then be saying.