Coronavirus 5:

First case in BC just announced.

There will be more, of course, but no real need to get too worried yet, as the authorities keep reassuring us (which is always a sign to me that we should actually be at least a bit worried).

Anyway what was true yesterday is still true today: We still don’t know the most important things about gauging the severity of this outbreak: How fast is is really spreading? How many people have mild or very mild or even asymptomatic infections? How infectious are carriers during the incubation period? Are there super-spreaders ut there? (I would aslso add this one, which I haven’t seen too many experts ask: How honest are the reports from China that seem to portray virtually all the most serious cases, especially those who died from this infection, as old and sick?)

Only when we have some idea about these questions – and a few others like what’s really happening in other infection centres in China – will we have even a vague idea of how far this outbreak will spread?