Coronavirus 6

First, time to rename the virus in this slot.

It’s now officially called 2019-nCoV, although I’ll bet my mortgage payments that everyone will continue to call it the Wuhan virus or the new coronavirus.


That out of the way, did you notice that in the time the world has been overcome with 2019-nCoV news, the death toll from Lassa fever in Nigeria since the beginning of January has risen to 41.

That scary death tolls includes 5 health care workers, by the way, which shows you the strong ability this virus has to pass person-to-person, which in the crowded and poor conditions the virus encounters in Africa make this virus a real lethal threat to thousands of people.

But you had no idea that Lassa fever was happening in Nigeria, right?

And I know you didn’t know that because aside from some specialized medical web sites, I haven’t seen any coverage at all of this latest deadly outbreak in Nigeria.

The only good thing to say, if you can call this a “good thing”, is that Lassa fever seems to have “adapted” to Nigeria where it has been present in this form for a number of years.

In fact, the death toll this January is lower than was the death toll in January 2019.

Which only goes to show you that when new viruses emerge, we really have no idea what they will do: Spread rapidly and infect millions? Or lie low and infect a few just to keep going and then . . . ?

Same holds true for this new coronavirus, of course, so all the stuff you read right now? File it to compare in a few weeks or months to what really occurred.