Coronavirus 30/01

So WHO just declared this outbreak as an emergency for the whole world.

Which is something that they should have done a week ago, if not even before that, but which WHO experts resisted doing for political reasons – China carries a lot of influence with WHO and China has really resisted this declaration, although it was inevitable, and now here it is.

Does this change anything?

Nothing at all for us wee individuals.

We are all still captive to events and authorities over which we have no control.

And we still don’t know some of the most important information that will play a vital role in how this plays out: How many people are infected with few symptoms? How many with no symptoms? How many people does an infected individual on average transmit his/her infection to? How easily does that infection pass on? Are there super-spreaders? Are there certain types with a particular sensitivity to the lung complications of this virus? What is the average incubation period?

Next couple of weeks, if and when more objective reporters than Chinese officials and doctors get a chance to analyze the data, will tell us a lot more about how scared we need to be.