Water suckers are sucked in every minute

If you’re the kind of person who feels – no,m who knows – that you have to drink a specific amount of water every day in order to function best, or to prevent dreaded “dehydration” damage, and you’re forever filling up with water (or worse, a sports drink), you would do very well to read the advice from Dr. Mitchell Rosner , “a nephrologist with a clinical focus on fluid and electrolyte disorders” which he freely offered recently in an article in the newspaper of record, the New York Times.

I won’t go into his full advice, just this interesting tidbit: ” Humans don’t need to be told when and how much to drink (except in rare medical circumstances). Thirst is our innate hydration sensor. “

Couldn’t agree more but I would also add water is not a miracle thirst-solver, nor is especially a sports drink, which is merely a vehicle to make its producer much wealthier.

I would suggest that if you’re thirsty, a lot of the time (not always but often), anti-oxidant-rich coffee will do you even more good than water can.

Just my opinion.