Coconut oil may not be the miracle its proponents claim it to be

I really can’t think of anything that’s been promoted more heavily the last few years on the web for maximum health than coconut oil.

Well, yes I can think of something cuz there’s also been unbelievable hype around apple cider vinegar, anything from Oz, a ton of things from GOOP, probiotics, anti-oxidants, tea, and several other things we can swallow that I have left out, so take that opening sentence with a grain of salt (and sea salt, too, of course).

But as with all those edibles mentioned above, anyone who actually bothers to look for good evidence will quickly discover that the science behind the supposed benefits of coconut oil – good studies to back the claims that it’s as good for your heart as its proponents claim it to be – are well, to be kind, pretty insubstantial, and yes, that’s the kind way of saying, most of the studies are close to crap if not fully crappy.

So no surprise to me that a recent review of the literature published in the journal, Circulation, concluded that coconut oil may actually raise the risk of heart disease eventually because compared to other vegetable oils, coconut oil promotes a significantly higher level of LDL, the so-called “bad cholesterol”.

In addition, the researchers reported that they could not find any good evidence that coconut oil had any “significant effect on body weight, waist circumference, percentage body fat, C-reactive protein levels (C-reactive protein is a well-established measure of inflammation), or fasting blood glucose levels” when compared with other good vegetable oils.

In short, according to the main author, there is “no good reason to consume coconut oil improve(s))health. In contrast, high coconut (oil) consumption increases blood LDL-cholesterol concentrations and may thus increase risk of heart disease,.”

Will this put a dent in coconut oil sales or hype on the internet?

Not for a second, I am sure, but probably only until the next miracle product comes along.

Quinoa oil anyone?