Coronavirus 8

You know what’s so amazingly frustrating (I might even add “depressing”) about this evolving situation with the Wuhan virus?

That so many experts are so bloody negative in their assessment of the current situation and even more negative about what the future may hold, and the media, because depressing news and negative stories attract way way way more eyeballs than stories that are indeterminate in their stance, are playing up these negative views and literally drowning out the views of those experts who are much more circumspect in their opinions about what may happen.

Look, no one can be sure about what will happen because this situation is so unique.

So sure, maybe this virus will spread around the world quickly.

Maybe thousands and thousands will soon die (I sure hope not because I am in the cohort of those who are constantly being pointed out as those who are dying most often from this virus – old men with chronic conditions).

Or maybe not.

Maybe it won’t spread so fast after a few more weeks.

Maybe warmer months may slow it down enough for us to come up with better treatments.

Maybe some of the wild anti-viral treatments that are being tried will work better than anyone has thought up to now.

Or maybe not.

But until more time passes, the state of affairs is way way up in the air, and I so wish the media would focus more attention on that possibility rather than spew out article after article about how bad it’s soon going to get.