Yes, you can still eat meat, but maybe not too much

So a study out a few weeks ago drew a terrific amount of condemnation from the usual army of self-proclaimed experts because the authors concluded that hey, meat may not be that bad for you>

They didn’t say it was good for you; they just said that the evidence against meat-eating was not that impressive.

The study’s impact was severely lowered, however, a couple of days later when it was pointed out by the anti-meaters that some of the authors of the aforementioned “meat-ain’t-so-bad” conclusion had had some ties to the meat industry (although it has been pointed out that some of the anti-meat-eater lobby also have ties to groups that would profit if we ate less meat which just goes to show that when you read any opinions in this business, it’s good to keep in mind that in this world, very few of us are totally pure).

Anyway, it should come as no surprise, really, that another study out yesterday (published in JAMA Internal Medicine) has received a very a very strong “positive” reaction from the meat-is-bad army, because that one concluded that eating meat regularly does indeed lead to more heart disease and a higher risk of premature death.

But, but, but, at the risk of drawing some negative response, let me point out that the numbers in this latest study are not exactly overwhelmingly bad for meat eaters.

Specifically, based on about 30,000 patient records, these authors concluded that eating 2 servings of processed and unprocessed red meat per week was tied to a 7% and 3% higher risk for all manner of cardiovascular disease (CVD) including cardiovascular death.

And for the chicken-lovers (like me) out there, the news was just as bad: 2 servings a week of poultry was also linked to a 4% higher risk for the same poor outcomes that hit the red meat eaters.

But as you would suspect, fish eaters were off the hook for higher CVD risks.

You have to decide for yourself, of course, but speaking just for me, I don’t think that a 4 % higher risk of anything will put me off enjoying my frequent 3-cup chicken and roast chicken dinners.