Blood pressure starts rising long before you think it will

Think of a person suffering from high blood pressure (although since HBP is nearly always symptom-less, it’s really hard to picture anyone actually suffering from it, more like they just have it), and you are likely to picture an old person, right, and most usually a man?

And it is true that the largest group of people with HBP are the old because yes, blood pressure rises with age.

However, according to a recent study in JAMA Cardiology, blood pressure actually starts rising in the third decade of life, and since I am good at math, I will tell you that this means in your twenties, and also according to this study, BP rises earlier in women than in men, most likely because women have smaller arteries than men on average.

Bottom line is easy: No matter your age – young, midlife, old – get your BP checked regularly and properly (relaxed, sitting for at least 5 minutes, back straight, feet on the ground, alone with a machine and not with a doc or nurse hovering over you).

And if it’s up om 3 or more occasions, start doing all those things you know you should be doing to keep it down, and if that is not working, start taking meds to keep it down.

It might just save your life.