Your heart beat is your own beat

I have a pretty fast resting pulse rate, and it shoots up very quickly when I do any aerobic activity, goes so high, in fact, that I have literally scared the whatevers out of a few of my personal trainers over the years.

Yet, I seem to be in pretty good aerobic shape so my fast resting pulse rate (rarely under 80, often over 90) is not, I have always argued, a reflection of poor aerobic fitness but just me (for most people, resting pulse rate goes down significantly the more fit they are; I seem to remember that the ice-cool super-fit Bjorn Borg, for example, was rumoured to have a resting pulse rate under 40).

So I was very happy to see a recent study of nearly 100,000 people that concluded that “one person’s mean daily resting heart rate may differ by up to 70 beats per minute from another person’s normal rate.”

In other words, there is no one perfect resting pulse rate for everyone.

So me and Bjorn could be equally fit.

His backhand is better, though.

And his serve.

And volley and . . .