Maybe one less thing to worry about if you have high blood pressure?

If you know you have high blood pressure (HBP), chances are good that you are on some kind of medication for it.

And if you’re not on medication, you probably should be.

Anyway, one of the most common problems with meds for HBP is something called orthostatic hypotension (OH), which in English means that your BP drops when you stand up quickly, which often leads to dizziness until your BP – and you – adjust to standing.

Doctors have always worried about OH because, well, because common sense tells you that if you get dizzy when you stand up, you are more likely to fall, and falls in the frail elderly who are the people most likely to have been diagnosed with HBP is a prescription for more problems.

But perhaps common sense is wrong.

So according to a new study published Jan 27 in the journal Hypertension which looked at data from a major huge study in treating HBP (called the SPRINT trial), the researchers concluded that OH was not “linked to higher odds for fainting or falling”.

Does that mean you shouldn’t worry about OH leading to a fall if you happen to have OHt?

Absolutely not.

This is only one study based on these researchers’ criteria of what actually constitutes OH, so if it were me, and it is, it is, because I do have some OH from my HBP meds, I would still be very wary of my surroundings when changing position, particularly at night when so many of us aging gents (and many non-gents, too,) have to get up from a deep sleep to pay attention to other bodily needs.

TMI, I know, but hey, for people my age, this is what they crave.