Wanna eat more healthy? Stay home

A study published January 29th online in The Journal of Nutrition had a conclusion that anyone with even an ounce of functioning brain matter would have known: Eating out is a recipe for poor nutrition.

In this study researchers looked at information from a sample of more than 35,000 American adults who filled out questionnaires on what they had eaten over the previous 24 hours, not exactly the best way to get info, but when it comes to studying what people eat, you work with what you can get.

Not surprisingly in this era when more and more people, especially the young, are eating out so much more than was the case a few decades ago, fast-food meals accounted for 12% of all the calories eaten while restaurant meals made up 9% of all calories consumed.

And these researchers analysis of the food you get when you eat out? Not so good.

They concluded that 70% of fast-food meals consumed were of “poor nutritional value” while roughly 50 % of the meals eaten in full-service restaurants were also “of poor nutritional value.”

Wanna eat more healthy?

Easy: Eat more often meals that you make for yourself at home.

And BTW, eating something you ordered up via Door Dash or Uber Eats does not really qualify as what I mean by “eating at home”.