The obvious problem with any effective medication

So quick: What’s the obvious problem with any new and effective medication?

Actually, it’s the exact same problem with even old drugs.

Right: Way too many people who get on an effective drug stop doing the harder lifestyle-based things they should also be doing to get better.

Perfect example is high blood pressure (HBP).

All treatment of HBP should start – must start – with lifestyle adjustment to reduce blood pressure (I won’t bore you by repeating what those are cuz I’m sure you all know the mantra by now).

But studies tell us that a huge number, perhaps even the majority, of people who are diagnosed with HBP do not make those lifestyle adjustments in part because HBP drugs are effective so that many people would rather take 3 or even more HBP meds to work on their blood pressure than lose some weight and do some exercise, something that has just been nicely confirmed by a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

In this study of 40,000 Finnish workers, some of whom went on meds for their newly-diagnosed HBP and some of whom didn’t, those people who did go onto meds even did some major-level backsliding, meaning that compared to those people not on meds, the medicated people were more likely to stop doing aerobic exercise and an astonishing 82 % more likely to become obese.

So, people, remember: Getting better must start with you, not with your doctor or pharmacist.