Do some exercise: Your brain will love you for it

According to a recent study published in a journal called Brain Plasticity doing some aerobic exercise is clearly linked to a lower risk of dementia.

So in this small study, 23 (what the researchers called) “younger old” sedentary people (but isn’t younger old an oxymoron? whatever) who were at higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) – either a strong family history or a known genetic predisposition – and who then engaged in six months of aerobic exercise training improved two factors linked to AD: brain glucose metabolism and a cognitive thinking skill called executive functioning (memory was not improved over the 6 months of this study).

Not to mention of course that at the same time as their brains got better, their cardio-respiratory fitness also improved.

So why wait till you too are already younger old?

Although if you can figure out what that means, you may not need to improve your brain functioning at all.