Vital news for parents: How best to treat a burn in a child

This is old advice but it certainly bears repeating because, well, because no matter how careful we are, burns happen so it’s important to repeat this often: The best immediate treatment for a burn in a child is cold, cold water, and lots of it (actually not just in a child but for an adult, too).

And I’maahppy to say that that was the inevitable conclusion of a study about treating burns in kids which was published recently in the journal, Annals of Emergency Medicine, because using lots of cold water as immediate treatment for a burn in a child in this study was linked to a 40 % lower risk of that child requiring a skin graft, and a just under 40 % lower risk of requiring hospitalization for the burn.

According to one of the study’s co-authors, “If a child is burned, the first course of treatment should be 20 minutes of cool running water.”

Not only that but she also, added, “Cool running water remains beneficial for up to three hours following an injury.”

There is some debate about that 20 minute requirement – some burn authorities claim less time works just as well – but there is no debate about what to do: See a burn, cool it instantly with lots of water.