This is not gonna end well

According to a recent report from Washington State, the number of “stoned” drivers has more than doubled since recreational marijuana became available down there.

NORML, of course, disputes those findings by claiming that it’s really all a matter of increased testing.

But even if NORML is right, and I really doubt it, here’s a further very disturbing finding in that report: More than 20 % of drivers are now high.

So who really cares if that’s simply better testing or more use of marijuana: That’s still a ridiculous number of impaired drivers on Washington’s roads, something I particularly care about since I visit that state to see my grandkids every few weeks.

Anyway, bottom line is that with marijuana now so much more available in Canada, I think it’s pretty easy to predict that we will also seen a large uptick in accidents from impaired drivers, and even if some of marijuana’s imputed health benefits turn out to be true (jury will be out for a long time on those potential benefits), this downside may more than offset those benefits.

We shall see.