What Is There to Say?

It’s not as if there isn’t plenty of news out there that might merit a comment or three.

And clearly, there is a terrific amount of speculation that would be even more likely to merit some strong comments.

And there is a terrific amount of false news that also needs attention to be paid.

And perhaps most important, there is so much fear and anxiety that could be addressed.

But to be honest, I’ve stayed away from all that for about a month now for two reasons.

First, like all of you, I’ve had my stuffing knocked if not out of me, then certainly kicked around a lot so I just haven’t had the oomph or will to sit down and write something.

And equally important, I’ve watched and read and listened to so many other commentators, nearly all more expert than me, that I haven’t felt as if I could contribute something that you couldn’t get equaly well, more likely better, elsewhere.

Which is still pretty much the case.

I read hundreds of news postings a day – I don’t watch TV or listen to podcasts so the only other things I do all day in my very strict physical isolation is talk to my wife, cook, and clean – which is why I spend nearly all my free time reading.

And although I promise myself every day to read fewer Covid 19 articles, especially the depressing and pessimistic ones, by reminding myself that all those worst-case scenarios are speculative attempts to predict the future so what do they really know anyway besides computer modelling (which, I also remind myself daily, was so all over the place in terms of what would have to our computers at the turn of the millennium), still, I am so obsessive (and so wired to this stuff) that I keep returning hourly, often sooner, to the latest updates.

And even though the news is often grim, and the confinement often hard-to-bear, when I get down, I force myself to remember that our parents and grandparents(and those all over the world) survived two world wars, a great depression, nuclear showdowns, Chernobyl disasters, (and in my family a Holocaust that wiped out nearly every single member of my huge pre-war family) so asking us to sit inside and wait till things improve is not really asking that much.