There is light at the end of the tunnel but it’s still pretty dim

Today, April 28, (sort of leaked cuz it’s not been published and critiqued yet) word that the Gilead drug, remdisivir, had a positive effect on patients with Covid-19 if given early enough.

How significant?

You judge.

Apparently, a 31 % better outcome for patients on remdisivir than for those patients on placebo, which was due to faster recovery time.

Is a 31 % improvement a game-changer?

Hardly, because a game-changer should have (in my opinion) a much higher rate of improvement, and with this infection, a game-changer should also be able to have a significant positive effect on the very ill, which apparently, remdisivir did not have (all this is subject to change when the data finally gets published).

Plus, we have no idea yet how many patients had to discontinue remdisivir because of side effects or complications.

Still . . .

There has been so much negative stuff over the last few months that it’s really good news that there is a small positive effect from a specific drug.

And more important, this establishes what researchers like to build on: since this drug can affect this virus, then it’s nearly certain that there’s an even better drug waiting to be developed.

And let’s all hope they find it sooner rather than later.