In important non-virus news . . .

Hard to believe, I know, but there is much going on in the medical world that is not about COVID-19, and a great deal of those goings-on are important.

Like a study (published in the journal CANCER) from (where else?) Scandinavia (where they track so much more about the citizens than we allow over here; hence they often have much better real-world data) that looked at data on 1/3 of all the women in Sweden eligible for mammography screening, and concluded that compared to women who refused mammography screening, the women who did opt for it had a “41 % reduction in fatal breast cancers within 10 years of diagnosis and a 25 % the incidence of advanced breast cancers”.

And even if one were to argue about the differences for other risk factors between women who opt for screening and those who refuse it, I would still say that those are pretty impressive stats.

Bottom line: Mammography screening saves lives overall.