In more important non-virus news . . .

A recent study of 2800 participants from Tufts University published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that older adults – me and probably you cuz this study criterion for “older” was anyone over 50 – who consume a flavonoid-rich diet (flavonoids are found in many fruits and berries) had a substantially lower risk of developing dementia over 20-years follow-up compared of course to older adults those who didn’t consume much in the way of flavonoids.

As always, the caveat applies: there’re likely to be other significant differences between people who eat a lot of fruit and those who don’t, and yes, such “other differences” might account for the lower rate of dementia in fruit eaters like me (well, for a start, we are much smarter than apple-avoiders).

That said, I am sure there is something in this cuz study after study after study concludes that staying well in old age – both in mind and in body – is likely aided by a healthy diet that emphasizes fruits and veggies.

And for the waverers, good quality chocolate also has some flavonoid although I think you ‘d probably have to eat enough chocolate to turn your skin brown in order to really benefit from the flavonoids in chocolate.