“Splain this if you can

Apparently, and I would never accuse the smoking-loving French of lying about their stats although they may bend their stats from time to time, data from France shows that while over 25 % of the population in France smokes, smokers account for only roughly 5 % of all COVID-19 infections.

That’s right: smokers in France seem to be protected against COVID-19 infection, and by a whopping amount.

So much so, in fact, that French researchers have launched a study to see whether nicotine (delivered by patch) can help in fighting off a COVID-19 infection.

And to buttress their case that the French are not unique, these researchers cite statistics from China (where they do, however routinely lie – or to be kinder, suppress data – about their health and the stats they allow others to know) that only 10 % of Chinese men with COVID-19 infections were smokers even though 50 % Chinese men smoke.

And yet, most North American health authorities continue to insist that smoking is a risk factor for COVID-19 infection.

So easy for me to say: someone is dead wrong here.

As we like to say on TV, stay tuned – pictures to follow although alas, it will be some months before these pictures will be available.