In even more important non-virus news . . .

And this is some good news, although for down-the-line, meaning that when we get over worrying so much about COVID-19 and get back to worrying about the things that are more likely to kill way more of us, eventually.

Things like cancer, for example.

So, the good news is that a study called DETECT-A (don’t ask) from a company called Thrive Earlier Detection Corp., in conjunction with researchers from Johns Hopkins, has determined that a blood test they’ve developed can pick up 10 different cancers at an earlier stage than is now the standard.

Specifically, the test doubled the number of cancers detected in women than was the case with standard testing.

And equally important, found the cancers before they’d metastasized in roughly 2/3 of the cases.

And, say the researchers, when combined with standard testing, this blood test had a very minimal number of false positives, that is, people who were told they had cancer yet turned out not to have a malignancy.

Good news, if it holds up in the real world.