Doctors may have been wrong for years

So any parent of my generation knows this: If you want to reduce the odds that your baby will grow up with celiac disease, you keep them away from gluten-containing foods till they are much older.

But as with a lot of the things we were given as gospel, this too may be wrong.

Several studies over the last few years have come to the exact opposite conclusion in fact: Namely, that early introduction of gluten-containing foods will in fact reduce the odds of celiac disease (Full disclosure: I have celiac disease).

And that’s exactly the same conclusion as the most recent study published in the journal Pediatrics.

Now the number of kids in this study with celiac disease is quite small – 7 – so there’s a chance that that these results are exactly that – chance.

So please do not go doing this on your own.

But if you are a prospective parent, it is worth discussing with your health provider.