Good news for everyone

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine this morning, the RNA vaccine made by the drug company Moderna, which is in a large 3rd phase study right now, earlier showed that the vaccine generates good antibody levels at all dose used in the trial in people over the age of 70.

In fact, the vaccine seemed to generate even higher antibody levels in the elderly (full disclosure: that’s people like me) than in even middle-aged adults, although this should be taken with large large extra grains of salt because the number of elderly that this was tested on was pretty small.

Still . . .

It sure beats learning that the elderly did not respond to the vaccine.

And the special reason this is good news for everyone, not just my cohort, is pretty straight-forward: If a vaccine is effective among the most susceptible group of people, that is, those most likely to suffer complications (including death) and thus require hospitalization, it is much more likely to do the most good for everyone.

Now let’s just hope that the other vaccines – especially the one-shot vaccine from Johnson and Johnson – shows the same results.