In case you another need a reason not to get infected with Covid-19

This is directed mostly at the young, because, well, when it comes to protecting one’s health, we olds are much much much smarter than the not-yet-but-eventually-to-be olds.

So most of us olds know we don’t want to get sick with this coronavirus infection because, well, because it might kill us.

The not-yet-olds, on the other hand, know (because studies persistently underline this fact) that they have a much lower chance of dying with this infection, so to get them to pay attention to this virus from a selfish perspective, they should be told over and over and over again that a higher risk of death is only one thing to fear from getting sick, albeit it’s a pretty strong reason to try to prevent illness.

Because the thing that’s clear with this virus is that no matter what your age (although I’d be willing to bet that much of what follows is more likely to affect the youngs), it can cause all sorts of other life-worsening (and potentially life-limiting, eventually) lingering problems, among which is a strong persistent post-infection fatigue.

How long does this fatigue persist?

No one knows as yet – not enough time for long-term follow-up.

So yes, it may eventually fade, but even if it does, if you ask me, 6 months of fatigue is a hell of a price to pay for going to a maskless party.

Just the opinion of an old, of course.