I am still not getting on a plane

Apparently, according to an item I saw in the news, a study published today concluded that ”  the risk of COVID-19 exposure onboard aircraft is virtually non-existent” , which is not too surprising since the study was done in part on behalf of United Airlines.

As an aside: Always, in interpreting medical studies, follow the money, which is not to say that money can’t fund proper interpretations.

It certainly can and does, but you always have to withhold just a smidgen of belief if Kraft, for example, were to fund a study that concluded that ketchup is just as healthy as kale (full disclose: I hate kale, love ketchup).

Anyway, the study ended by concluding “that being on board an aircraft is the safest indoor public space, because of the unique configuration inside an aircraft that includes aggressive ventilation, lots of airflow.”

It’s probably true but what the study did not include (as far as I can tell from this article), and which is also vital in determining whether or not you might want to buy a ticket to fly is data on whether sitting in an airport lounge, sitting in an airport holding tank for passengers until you are allowed to finally board, or waiting in an always-too-long line for your luggage is also risk-free.

Somehow, I doubt that any of those is also virus-risk-free time.

All of which is why I will wait a lot longer before buying any tickets to Hawaii. Or anywhere. Alas.