Good news from kids’ testing in New York City

A welcome bit of news from the New York Times in today’s news: “Nearly three weeks into the in-person school year, early data . . . has shown . . . a surprisingly small number of positive cases” in the kids who have gone back to school.

And equally important, not very many cases in school staff, either.

Specifically, of the more than 15,000 staff members and students tested randomly (including in at least 2 new hotspots of infections), there have been only 5 positive results in kids, 13 in staff, although it must be pointed out that this data only included roughly 2/3 of all those tested; presumably results are still pending for the other 1/3 of tests.

God (or whomever) willing, this low level of positives will hold for the future, especially, one has to hope fervently, for the coming colder months, when kids and staff will be shut indoors a lot more than in the relatively more balmy late autumn months.

But hey, we really need some encouragement going forward into the darker winter, and for now this is encouraging news.