In case you needed to get even more depressed . . .

So, yes, we are all eagerly awaiting the earliest data from the several Coronavirus Phase 3 trials currently being done on tens of thousands of volunteers.

And you would assume, I think, that this data will (if not reveal) then at least strongly indicate whether that particular vaccine is going to prevent many new COVID-19 infections, and thus lead to a much lower risk of catching the virus and then dying from it, which would be particularly important, of course, to the vulnerable populations who now suffer most from the risks of getting infected.

So the bad news, I guess, is that it won’t do anything like the latter.

All these trials will do, as a terrific viewpoint in the BMJ just pointed out, is tell us if the rate of new (and of course nearly all mild) infection can be reduced – somewhat.

It will, however, take a much longer time, at least several more months, perhaps much longer, before we can tell if the small reduction in risk which might arise in for example, the healthy Moderna trial participants, will or will not be seen in the larger world.

But even though they are now recruiting some other participants into these trials, in order to rush this research forward at the breakneck speed demanded by, well, everyone, especially, of course, the blowhard in the White House, these trials have enrolled, in fact, very few (in some categories, no) participants who are old, fragile, very young, pregnant, burdened with several or even one significant chronic health issue, etc, etc.

Sorry to bum you out but speed in this case trumps knowledge (yep, intended).