Smokers die earlier. Period.

If you’re a smoker, you know, I’m sure, that smoking is linked to poorer outcomes with COVID-19: More infections, worse prognosis compared to non-smokers

Just common sense, I think.

But just in case you needed any extra motivation in this very strange era to quit smoking, here’s a new study that shows quite starkly that even in the non-coronavirus world, you are at much greater risk of dying prematurely than a non-smoker.

In short, the researchers conclude that “current smokers . . . have nearly 3 times the risk of premature cardiovascular mortality compared with never smokers”, especially if like way too many smokers, they started smoking early in teenage life.

But, here’s the kicker: “Quitting at any age was associated with a substantially lower risk (of premature cardiovascular morality) than continuing to smoke.”

Quit while you’re ahead.

For everyone’s sake.