Whenever something useful comes along . . .

You can make a huge amount of money betting that there will be at least a few people, often tons of people, who will employ that “useful” thing to excess.

And thus ensure a couple of things but one that stands out: It will totally colour what we know about how useful that “thing” really is when tons of people start using it.

Which is exactly what is happening, a new report in STAT claims with dexamethasone, an old drug (been around for at least half a century) that’s been discovered to be somewhat beneficial in people with severe forms of COVID-19.

In other words, it should just be used – carefully – by doctors treating very ill patients in hospital.

However, since it’s very easy to get dexamethasone (my dog was once prescribed a small dose – and it worked!), apparently some (probably many, but how would we ever know) doctors are prescribing it for mild coronavirus infections, some even as a “preventive” for their patients who thinks they’ve been exposed.


But true.

Don’t do this: It very likely doesn’t work. But it can cause you other problems.