Should you be taking vitamin D to lessen your risk of severe COVID-19?

Despite several studies linking low vitamin D levels to way worse outcomes with COVID-19 including higher risk of getting it, higher risk of severe disease, and higher risk of dying from COVID-19 (that last one is a big seller, of course), it’s still way to soon to say that if you, who is presumably an average person, take vitamin D supplements, you improve all those risks.

Probably not nearly as much as someone who has very low vitamin D levels to begin with.

In the end, however, given where we live (which makes getting adequate vitamin D from the sun very difficult many months of the year), I’d say that there seems to be little potential harm for an average Canadian to take moderate amounts of supplemental vitamin D (which is considered by all experts to be a pretty safe drug in low and moderate doses), especially during the sun-challenged winter months here in Canada.

Bottom line, I think: Little risk, some potential benefit, so why the hell not?

But it’s got to be moderate doses cuz high doses of vitamin D are linked to several potential complications.