Very welcome news if you’re suffering a stroke

I know there is nothing good to say about a stroke except maybe this: If you treat some strokes early enough with the magic clot-busters that stroke units employ, you can recover most if not all your affected functions.

The downside to that is that you have to get to such a unit within a few hours because according to current protocols, the drugs only work if given within 4 1/2 hours of symptom onset (which reminds me: Everyone should familiarize themselves – NOW – with the symptoms of a stroke – FAST– so as not to delay even seconds when such symptoms come on).

And that can be hard to achieve given notification problems (whom do you call? Aunt Martha? Your kids? 911 is always best and everyone else later), travel problems (always always always best to get to hospital via ambulance and not in Aunt Martha’s Corolla or in your kid’s Honda Civic), and having to get the proper diagnostic stuff done such as CT scans.

So the very good news is that according to a recent study, stroke patients who got their clot-busters even as late as 72 hours after onset of symptoms still saw significant improvement 90-days post-stroke compared to stroke patients who didn’t get such meds.

Learn the symptoms.

Act if they occur to you or anyone around you.

And get to the hospital as FAST as you can.