Add another new unpleasant problem with covid-19

According to an interesting report in the Washington Post, a small but significant number of people who are infected with covid-19 report abnormal smell as a consequence of the disease.

And since abnormal smells – called parosmias – are linked to a much poorer quality of life and high degree of reporting depression as a result, this is yet another example of how this new coronavirus can severely limit quality of life (in everyone who gets it!), since abnormal smells – which are nearly always unpleasant odors, not the smell of roses or coffee or whatever turns your nose on – can not only make eating unpleasant, it can actually make the task of eating – which is surely one of life’s greatest joys – a revolting experience if the smell is bad enough.

And if you think this is really not much of an issue, that’s it’s something to turn your nose up at, just read this article and you will surely change your mind.