It is true: Multivitamins are like magic

And before I suck you in any more, that headline actually means that the trick in seeing any benefit from taking regular doses of multivitamins is primarily in your head.

Actually, for most of us, it’s all in our heads.

As far as I can gather, there has never been a good study to show any benefit from taking regular doses of multivitamins, although in nearly all studies looking at the use of multivitamins, those who do take regular doses of multivitamins end up doing better than those who don’t.


Mostly because the majority of people who take regular doses of multivitamins are generally older, healthier, more educated, wealthier individuals (not to mention that they are also overall more optimistic in outlook: Money, for a start, generally does that for people), so such people would do better than their less fortunate cohorts from anything they did regularly, even just drinking water.

Or breathing.

Which doesn’t, of course, stop so many, many people from taking regular doses of multivitamins, so this latest study published online recently in the BMJ will likely make absolutely no difference to such folks.

But as expected, once again, the study found that although regular multivitamin takers reported better overall health than those who weren’t taking multivitamins, the former were actually not in any better health when objective measures were applied to the data.

Is there a downside from taking regular doses of multivitamins?

Probably not.

But for those of us fortunate enough to be able to eat well, it’s just a waste of time, effort, and money, and seems to me so many other things we do regularly are already wasting enough of our time, effort, and money so we don’t really need to add to that burden.