Don’t be cynical; just be skeptical with a wry smile on your face

According to a just-released study from the (US) NIH, what these people call “cynical hostility”, is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, although if you pardon my cynicism, most of us already knew that so why waste our time by doing a new study to tell us that again?

Sounds like fake news to me.

Anyway, what is cynical hostility and how does it differ from other kinds of hostility.

According to this report, “cynical hostility . . . (consists) of negative beliefs, thoughts and attitudes about other people’s motives, intentions and trustworthiness.”

Need an example?


It’s like, you know, losing an election and then angrily and arrogantly and whiningly disputing the results with false claims.

So how does cynical hostility impact your risk of CVD?

By altering your stress response for the worse.

In other words, and I hope this doesn’t keep you awake at night even more than you are already doing, things may get even more hairy soon, and we may have even way more to worry about from the cynically hostile blowhard in the White House in the coming weeks.