More good – preliminary – news about a COVID vaccine

This morning, the drug company Moderna released early data on their COVID vaccine candidate, and the news is even slightly better than the good news that Pfizer had released last week about its vaccine.

Moderna’s vaccine had a protection rate of roughly 95 % among the trial participants.

And even better, I think, Moderna claims that the data shows equal protection in older participants (15 over the age of 65) as it did in younger participants.

And also very important, this vaccine is stable at much lower temperatures than the one Pfizer’s vaccine will require, meaning that distribution should be much less of a problem.

So, time to weigh in with the usual caveats.

No data, of course, on long-term safety issues – this will take months, if not years, so the vaccine will have to be rolled out before this matter gets settled.

No data, of course, on how long the immunity might last, and again, this will take at least many months if not years to determine.

No kids enrolled in the trial as yet and since kids may be an important reservoir of infection, meaning that the world would really be far better off if kids could get effectively immunized against COVID as well, this is also important data that needs to be determined.

Still . . .

Since we desperately need good news, minimize your concern about the outstanding issues and just happily accept this good news for what it is – good news that surely beats what the alternative news might have been.