Yet another reason to be wary of unnecessary CT scans and other radiation techniques

So this new study in PLOS One started with the observation that the medical use of radiation investigational techniques (Xrays, and especially CT scans) have increased significantly over the last couple of decades.

And so has the rate of some kinds of testicular cancer in young men.

So, these researchers, wondered, could there be a connection?

Apparently, there could be, or as the researchers put it in their conclusion to this study of roughly 1200 men: “Exposure to diagnostic radiation below the waist may increase (testicular cancer) risk”.

One necessary caution: This is a link based on observational data, so one can never fully say from such a link that the one thing – radiation techniques – cause the second, although it’s certainly plausible, and I would go further and say it’s quite probable.

Bottom line here is pretty straight-forward, I’d say.