If you really feel you need a pill to prevent heart disease, why not just take a placebo?

Fish oil supplements have become the darlings (along with vitamin D) of the gotta-take-something crowd for the prevention of heart disease.

And yes, a study from a little while back did show a possible slightly positive effect from prescription-strength fish oil supplements for the prevention of some types of heart disease.

So it should be sobering news for that crowd – but it won’t be, you can lay a bet – that preventing heart disease may not be as easy as swallowing a capsule every day, no matte the dose or kind of fish it comes from.

In 2 new studies presented at an AHA meeting, researchers found no benefit from taking (high-dose fish oil capsules) for a wide range of heart health outcomes (heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, death from heart attacks, etc), compared to people taking a placebo pill containing only corn oil.

In fact, the studies raised the concern that people taking fish oil supplements may even have a higher risk of atrial fibrillation.

Or in the words of one expert, “Given the current uncertain state of knowledge, neither patients nor physicians can be confident that omega-3 fatty acids have any health benefits”.

In other words, if you really feel you have to prevent heart disease by swallowing something regularly, you would likely be better off – way less expensive, for a start – by just buying a placebo of corn oil instead of the fish oil capsules you are currently taking.

Or maybe just eat well.

And exercise.

And don’t smoke.

And forget taking anything extra.

Way easier to organize and plan for, at the very least.