Same old, same old: Sleep and less screen time are better for your brain

This will surprise absolutely no one: In a large study published in the BMC Medicine journal by Australian researchers who analyzed data from 85,000 people looking at the impact of lifestyle on depression, they concluded that unsurprisingly, regular physical activity, a healthy diet and getting enough sleep every night (between seven and nine hours) was linked to “less frequency of a depressed mood”.

On the other hand, extra screen time and tobacco smoking were significantly associated with a “higher frequency of depression”.

Now it could just be, of course, that depressed people sleep less to begin with and also spend more time on screens to deal with their lowered moods.

And no doubt that’s somewhat true.

However, seems to me that the alternate explanation – less sleep and more screen time lead to more depression – makes more sense for more people.

Anyway, bottom line: If you are feeling depressed and you’re spending too much time on screens and you’re not sleeping well, be totally honest with yourself as to whether this is driving your lowered moods.