A 3rd vaccine candidate that passes all the tests (so far)

This morning, AstraZeneca PLC and the University of Oxford added their promising results from their vaccine candidate to the two shots that have shown good results against Covid-19.

Depending on how negatively you can parse the data – and trust me, the experts will dissect, parse, boil the data till the cows come home, and probably beyond that – it still beats the negative results that may have come from this early reporting.

There are still lots of potential problems and negative consequences to worry about, but hey, we’ve needed some potential good news for a while – especially heading into depressing winter months – and this provides some cheer, especially given that this should be a relatively easy vaccine to transport and store, and also that AstraZeneca says that it can produce 3 billion (that’s billion with a B) doses by end of next year.

And if you add in the fact that in these early results, a half-dose for the first shot worked better than a full dose (of course, no one yet knows why – that’s the parsing begun), if that holds up in further results, then using my fast-eroding math skills, that could mean double the doses to supply for shot one to the world.