I’m confused about Canada’s plans for Covid-19 vaccine rollout

So on the one hand, the Prime Minister says that Canada is gonna have to get in line behind other countries when it comes to getting Covid-19 vaccines for our population because we can no longer manufacture our own vaccines in the True North Strong and, Free (but not so Smart, eh).

As usual, he blames past political regimes for this mess which is the inevitable fabulous cop-out that all politicians in charge employ (BC is home to the most rabid practitioners of this sort of pass-the-buck-ism): “Hey, it’s not me, guys. The guy before is at fault.”

As if anyone gives a damn whose fault it is when we need this stuff yesterday.

And besides, why the hell didn’t you do anything about it, Justin, since you’ve been in charge for several years now?

But the reason I said I’m confused is that Bonnie Henry, our Provincial Health Office, said recently that BC should be rolling out a vaccine “by the first weeks” of January.


Does BC have a pipeline for a vaccine that absolutely needs Canadian approval that we will get before people in Quebec or Ontario get it?

That would certainly be a first for Canada and I doubt that a Prime Minister who owes his job to the loyal Liberal voters in Quebec and Ontario would ever allow that to happen.

Or is the PHO saying that since we’re 2nd in line, she figures that there will be enough vaccine manufactured in all these other countries by early January that we will be able to load up then with all the hand-me-downs from several of those countries so that we have enough vaccine for an early rollout for the most needy people in BC?

I certainly hope that’s so but as a lifelong skeptic, I sincerely doubt that’s gonna happen.