If you think you’re gonna get a coronavirus vaccine soon, better think again

The good news is that Moderna announced this morning that its vaccine was around 95 % effective, and this held for all demographic groups, including seniors.

Plus, none of the people who got sick on the vaccine came down with a severe case of Covid-19, which is just as important to learn, perhaps.

So yes, woo hoo and kalloo kallay.

This is great news although we still, of course, have no idea how long the immunity will last, and we need to still be cautious about side effects and complications when the vaccine is rolled out in a much wider slice of the public.

Moderna claims it’s ready to ship some vaccine as soon as it gets approved by whichever body a country uses to approve a vaccine, but in Canada, but but but . . .

While the Americans have had a seemingly clear and logical transportation and distribution plan in place for months, by all reports, Canada is lagging behind on this vital part of getting you – or anyone – a shot.

Not only that, it has still not been decided – or if it has been decided, as ever, the government is not telling us (I’d bet on the former, by the way) – who is going to be first to get the very limited supply of vaccine we might – or might not – get shipped over the next coup[le of months.

In fact, although the Americans claim they can start their vaccination program going within days, there is still no settled hierarchy in the US for who will be first in line with different authoritative bodies squabbling (they call it “discussing”) over their preferred lists.

As usual, no idea what Canada is planning, but with the very limited supply of vaccine we will get on the first go-round, I’ll bet it’ll be health care workers, as, I think, it should be.