Yah, yah, yah

A long, long time ago, I happened to be in a radio studio the morning after a pretty typical hard-fought provincial election here in BC, and the newly-re-elected premier came in to do an interview with one of the other talk-show hosts.

This premier had the night before won with a significantly reduced mandate than he had expected and he seemed (and looked) fittingly chastened.

“Hard lesson last night, “he said to my colleague off-air, (or very similar words), “And it means that from now on I have to try to work with the opposition on new plans and programs.”

A sentiment that lasted about 36 hours, perhaps even fewer.

So pardon me for being just a bit skeptical when according to a CTV News report, at his first post-election press conference, newly-victorious BC premier John Horgan said, “I’ll be influenced by good ideas wherever they come from. I don’t care where an idea comes from, if it makes sense we’re going to implement it. That’s how I will approach working with all members of the legislature.”



But I don’t think I’ll hold my (masked) breath for this sentiment to last.