Another good news vaccine story

But this one is about flu vaccine.

According to a press release from Mount Sanai Hospital researchers about a very early phase 1 study on 65 volunteers in New York who were given a new “universal” flu vaccine, the volunteers all exhibited a “strong immune responses to a wide range of flu virus strains and subtypes”.

In other words, this offers some hope for a “universal” flu vaccine, meaning that the experts will not need to huddle early every year to try to guess which flu strains will dominate in the coming winter months in North America (and as we all know, they are often not exactly dead on) because this one shot should take care of all the flu strains taht might circulate.

And just as good, the strong immune response in these volunteers lasted at least 18 months, which, if this vaccine works in the real world, would eliminate the need for an annual vaccine, and maybe a couple of boosters every so often will be all that is needed.

Very early days, of course, but hey, if they were able to produce an effective vaccine against SARS CoV-2 in only a few months, this is also clearly possible.