Complications of Covid-19

A huge US-based study of over 70,000 people infected with coronavirus and who were sick enough to require a visit to a health professional or a clinic or hospital was published today in the CMAJ today.

And it found, like nearly every other study has found, that a very large number of infected people end up with complications from this virus, especially “pneumonia, respiratory failure, kidney failure, and sepsis or systemic inflammation”, although there the researchers also found a lot of less-reported complications such as heart inflammation (myocarditis) and wide-spread blood-clotting problems.

The average age of the patients in this study was 65 so it’s very likely, of course, that there would be fewer complications in a younger cohort, but no one is immune, no matter how young they are, so there will still be a substantial minority of young infected people who end up with such complications form their Covid-19 bout.

And of course, no one yet knows the long-term implications from these early-onset complications.

Prevent, don’t depend on treatment.