If you don’t care about preventing Covid-19 in yourself, maybe you might care about lowering the risks in health care workers

I don’t understand why everyone is not equally worried about preventing a Covid-19 infection.

But clearly, there are lots of people who don’t seem to care.

And those deniers also seem very resistant to all messages about why they should care.

So I doubt this will convince any non-believer but one of the most important reasons for you doing your best to prevent any possible transmission of SARS Co-V 2 is that this coronavirus really hits some groups much harder than others, and no matter who you are, there is one group you should really care to protect: namely, health care workers.

So no real news here but yet another study has concluded that health care workers are at a much higher risk, in this study as much as 7 times higher, of coming down with severe Covid-19 than the rest of the population.

And just remember this if this doesn’t strike you as something you should do your best to help avoid: No matter how healthy you are today, one day, you will need the help of those health care workers, and you will want as many of them around as you can manage to get.

Just sayin’